What are Macros and how will I learn to track them?

Once you’ve purchased a program which includes nutrition guidance, you will receive our BETTER YOU Fit Guide: Macros 101. The Guide includes information about topics such as what macro tracking is, the benefits of macro tracking, how to start tracking macros, meal planning tips, as well as macro tracking resources for books and recipes.

Learning to track macros is a skill that will require patience as it is a process that can only be learned through trial and error. Be prepared to make mistakes as you first get started.

Even though we will be available to assist with your questions or concerns in this area, it’s essential that you learn to be independent and take the time to learn the process.

How will we be communicating?

Once you receive your selected program, you will be emailing weekly check-ins (updates) on your chosen day of the week. For accountability purposes, your check-ins should be considered as a weekly appointment and should be submitted regardless of your adherence to the plan the previous week.

It’s essential that our communication always be open and honest in order to best achieve your goals and desired results. Be prepared to share personal details on anything that could be relevant to your progress.

Will meal plans be provided?

No. You will be creating your own meal plans according to the macro targets we will provide to you. Instead of providing a prescribed meal plan, we provide recommended macros and empower you to take charge of your own nutrition. By doing this, you will learn to make your own decisions – which you will need for long-term success. We will also provide recommendations on how to divide your macro totals per meal as well as suggestions regarding food selection.

What length of time should I sign up for?

We highly recommend choosing a plan that requires at least a 12 week commitment. Our clients that are looking for a true lifestyle change are ready to dedicate themselves to the process.

Will I need to purchase supplements?

Supplement guidance is provided with all programs that include nutrition.  We suggest planning on at least purchasing protein powder in order to help you reach your protein goals.

How often will I be required to be lifting?

We will determine this number together during our initial phone consultation. It will be a number that is realistically attainable for your lifestyle and schedule.

Are monthly payments accepted?

Yes, we do accept monthly payments through PayPal. However, the more weeks you purchase up front, the larger the price break.

Will I require access to a gym?

For better results, yes. The programs are designed with machines and equipment that are found in gyms. If there are exercises that your gym might not have, we can modify accordingly.

I have a job that requires a great deal of travel. Will I be able to keep up with my program?

Yes. Macro tracking is perfect for those who travel and have hectic or inconsistent schedules.

What items will I need to purchase?

You will need a food scale that weighs in both grams and ounces, a body weight scale for tracking daily weigh-ins, protein powder, and most likely hip bands (female clients).

If you have an inconsistent schedule or travel frequently, it will be necessary to purchase some sort of travel cooler to store your prepared meals in.

I’m new to resistance training. Will I be able to do these workouts?

Yes. When you purchase a custom training program, make sure to let us know your experience level and we will modify your programs to progressively ease you into the process.