What exactly is online coaching?

Online coaching is rapidly becoming a popular concept in the health and fitness industry. Many people have experienced its benefits, and yet others haven’t even heard of it. Essentially, online coaching is when you receive your training and nutrition coaching from a training and nutrition coach online. With the coaching programs at Better You Fitness,

Fitness Tips for 40+

Older adults can still exercise, minimize injury and rebuild fading muscles with a balanced approach to fitness. You can achieve more than you ever imagined with the proper approach, awareness, goals and commitment. Set Your Goals to What You Know You can Accomplish To get in shape at any age, start small with goals you

Lifestyle Coaching

A lifestyle coach can help personalize a fitness program just for you. Although some individuals enjoy the privacy of their own home over working out at a gym, there are benefits to a lifestyle coach. You will obtain better results with a program that is tailored to your body type, health condition and your goals.